Shakespaw for Pets!


Poems for Paws® is a platform that enables pet lovers to easily create beautiful, treasurable, ready-to-display framed mementos that capture and honor the precious bond we share with our beloved pets and the unconditional love they provide.


Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission

To capture the spirit of beloved pets everywhere, past or present, in hopes that our Poems for Paws® can bring as much joy and love as they bring us.

Our Hope

To create an experience and a lovely keepsake, for the creator, the recipient,
and one and all!


Office Chat

Amanda on Titus

Hi, I’m Amanda, the boss. My assistant Titus might disagree. But case in point, he’s napping right now. This seems to be a regular occurrence. On the plus side, when he shows up to work, he always has a smile and only asks for “treats” in return which are paid under the table!.


I’m Titus, the boss! My mom may disagree. But according to the dictionary, “boss” is a person dog who exercises dominance. To prove my point: a) I wake her up every morning. b) I decide when I’m walked and fed. c) And lastly, she picks up my poop. Pretty sure that makes me the boss!

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Let’s Get Started


A ninja in a fur suit who plots sneak attacks and acts with stealth movements. 


A bundle of fur and love who often exhibits many weird behaviors that make us laugh

Pet Lovers

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France

Pet Providers

Do your clients know you honor and understand the deep human-animal bond? Part of the great care and service you provide is meeting the emotional needs of clients.

Poems for Paws® helps you, help your clients.

Giving Back

We believe that every penny can help make a difference in saving the lives of animals. As a sole proprietor I want to make a difference. For every poem sold, Poems for Paws® will donate 5% of the profit.

Paw Praise

“Received my Poems for Paws as a Valentine’s Day gift and just love it. The poem truly captures my dog Aspen’s personality. I’m a customer now and love giving them as gifts.”


“Received a Poems for Paws as a gift from my girlfriend after my cat of 18 years passed away. We’d been through a lot together and was devastated. Look at it everyday.”


“Losing my dog, Kai, after 17 years was so hard. To make it even worse she passed when I was on vacation. I felt a huge void, major guilt and lack of closure for not being there and saying goodbye. I was given a gift of Poems for Paws with Kai’s picture and a poem about her that still melts my heart. It was the perfect gift to help my grieving and pain…”