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April 23, 2024


By Amanda

“Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.”

Coriolanus, Act 2, Scene 1 – William Shakespeare

In honor of two big birthdays, Shakespeare and my beloved Titus, Poems for Paws® is excited to announce new additions to the P4P family! One comes in the shape of a frame and the other, a fluffy, oversized muppet!

We’ll let you decide which ones cuter smile!

A little about our new frame:

  • Frameless, clear acrylic
  • 7″ x 5″
  • Backside has 2-magnetic strips that adhere to any metal surface and makes any fridge way cooler!
  • Intro special pricing just $15.99!

In addition, Poems for Paws®  has added a slew of new dog breed poems.

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April 18, 2024


By Amanda, Austin, TX

Puppies, Peeps and Poems for Paws®, the PAWFECT trifecta!

So many favorite moments:

  • Creating Poems for Paws® for the attendees.
  • The Knak crew – Nicole Stasiak, Mycelle Mollot, Nick Donaldson and Justin Sykes.
  • The wonderful event organizers, Peep Laja and Erik MacKinnon of Wynter.
  • The crazy Austin RAIN that might have wiped out the Knak tent!
  • And last but not least…The Solar Eclipse!

We feel pawsitively blessed!

Interested in having Poems for Paws® at your next event? We can help:

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  2. Monetize and increase your event revenue.
  3. Connect with customers on a deeper level.
  4. And so much more…

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February 09, 2022


By Amanda

This goes out to all the amazing veterinarians, pet care professionals and pet influencers. Poems for Paws® is looking to partner with your business or practice.

Now more than ever, businesses must go the extra mile to establish loyalty and trust with their customers.  Poems for Paws® believes by showing your clients that you understand and honor the bond they have with their pets, you are endearing them to your business.

December 08, 2021


By Amanda

After countless months of hard work and burning the midnight oil, I am so excited to announce the Poems for Paws® website is officially open for business.

The very first Poems for Paws® was created back in 2007. Yes, over 10 years ago! Many poems later, I felt compelled by the incredible feedback received from happy customers to create this website.

Sadly during the creation of the Poems for Paws® website, my assistant, inspiration, and beloved best friend, Titus, went to doggie heaven. Just writing this, brings tears to my eyes.

I dedicate my first blog to him. I LOVE YOU TITUS and MISS YOU SO MUCH.

RIP TITUS – 04/23/09 to 09/09/21