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My T and Me


The Story

Poems for Paws® story began when my beloved dog Cosmo suddenly passed away, (see The Process page). The grief and sense of loss I felt was devastating.

To cope with my loss I turned to writing. Poetry has always been cathartic for me and writing about my grief ended up being an outlet for my thoughts and emotions.

Soon after, dear friends of mine were faced with the loss of their pet. To memorialize their beloved dog, I created a personalized poem similar to the concept created for my own dog. I hand delivered the poem and suggested they open later in private. That evening they called me and through lots of tears said, “You have to do this for other people…”

And that’s how Poems for Paws® was conceived. We love creating these keepsakes and are so touched by the feedback received and heartfelt sentiments.



Creator, Animal Lover, Potato Chip Connoisseur

I am the creative behind the operation! I love the idea of being able to express ideas and feelings through my creativity and imagination. At a young age I realized poetry provided an outlet to deal with heavy emotions.

When my beloved dog Cosmo suddenly passed away, it was poetry that helped me heal. Many poems later, I was inspired to create Poems for Paws® for pet lovers and people who were grieving the loss of their pets. It is my hope that Poems for Paws® will bring about joy and/or healing to every heart and soul.

As you can see, my assistant is a four-legged bundle of fur and love. I adopted him from a rescue organization and am grateful for his companionship. I use the term ‘assistant’ loosely as he has yet to bring me a cup of coffee but he dishes out love unconditionally and inspires me everyday.




Assistant, Inspiration, Best Friend

I am the real brains behind the operation. And it should be noted, I share the same birthday as William Shakespeare. Ironic RIGHT!

Aside from my poetic skills, my powers of persuasion are notorious. One bat of my incredible eyelashes and debonair stare has humans succumbing to my every wish… treats, belly rubs and butt scratches! 

Much to my momma’s chagrin, I have yet to bring her a cup of coffee. But I am never shy about dishing out lots of love and inspiration.

I was adopted from a rescue organization and am grateful everyday.

RIP April 23, 2009 – Sept 9, 2021




Assistant in Training, BFF, Goofball

I have big shoes to fill. My big brother Titus set the bar super high.

Poems for Paws® is super cool and I try to be patient when my mom is working, but sometimes I get the zoomies. When that happens, she knows it’s breaktime. Ya, I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! 

As for my work ethic, my mom tells me I’m a work in progress. Whatever that means.